The Focused on Cleaning Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

The Tile and Grout Cleaning Service, provided by Focused on Cleaning in the Toowoomba and surrounding areas, combines our technique of great cleaning agents, high pressure (with no splash), and heat with elbow grease, resulting in an fantastic result that is close to near new. We also have a 6 step cleaning process with our cleaning agent meaning your tiles and grout look cleaner and stay clean longer.

Grout is rarely really noticed as it gets dirty slowly and bad areas tend to blend. However, if you look towards the edge or under permanent fixtures or furniture like fridges you will get a close example of the standard we can return it to, if not better.

Once the grout is cleaned, you can then choose whether to have the Tile & Grout Sealing Service provided or cut down on costs by combining the two.  Sealing the grout means that you never have staining in the grout lines again. Call for a free demonstration of our tile cleaning and grout sealing here in Toowoomba.

Driveways, Patios, External Tiles and Concreted Areas

Due to the massive output of pressure and heat combined with awesome suction we can have your driveway, patio, pool side area, shed, footpath or anything that external hardfloor surface clean in a jiffy which would otherwise take you hours. Our methods are chemical free and outstanding. Mildew, algae and dirt attach themselves to concrete, pebblecrete pavers and the like and make them look aged and worn. Why not bring them back to new and bring the presentation of you biggest asset back to life.

Whether it be for street appeal or for your own enjoyment give Toowoomba and surrounds awesome driveway cleaners, Focused on Cleaning, call for a free Demo.

CALL 46358045 today.

REMEMBER: Booking your carpet steam clean or lounge clean at the same time entitles you to a discount.