Carpet Protection

What Is Carpet Protection?

To most people Carpet Protection is known by names such as Scotchguard. However, Scotchguard is one of many protectors of which it is not the most superior, just the best marketed.

Why Do I need Carpet Protection Applied?

  • Your carpets will last much longer
  • Spills can be removed before they have a chance to stain
  • Soils wont stick to your carpet as easy and will clean better
  • and lastly our ptotector comes with a free 12 month Spot & Spill Guarantee

What is the Spot & Spill Guarantee?

The Guarnatee if you have had trouble removing a prticular spill/stain we will come back and remove for you at no extra cost. We also leave you with a bottle of our own stain remover, which is absolutely free.