Bond Cleaning in Toowoomba

Focused on Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for your bond cleaning needs. We specialise in bond cleaning in Toowoomba and can package the carpet clean and flea treatment into the price as well meaning you save more.

We can give a quick estimation over the phone and confirm a fixed price with an inspection and find a day that is going to suit you. The clean must be within the 3 days before handover. This gives us time to clean and for you to get keys back to the real estate.

Our bond cleaning service in Toowoomba is not limited to tenants, but also to pre sales and post clean sales

How does the Bond Back Guarantee Work?

When booking a bond clean we have a bond back guarantee. This means that we aim to clean your property and get it back in a state where you will have no problems in getting bond money back without an issue in relation to the cleaning part of you exiting the tenancy.

The Bond Back Guarantee lasts for 7 days. We ask that we clean within 5 days of the end of tenancy. This takes into account the cleaning time. The property manager by law has 3 days after the end of lease to inspect and make recommendations of improvements. If there are any issues we will endeavour to return within a reasonable time frame to inspect and make good any recommended improvements so you have your money back as soon as possible. Consider us for a quote when it comes to bond cleaning in Toowoomba.

Lend a Hand Service

The Lend a Hand Service is where we can do the small but often painful jobs like:

  • Oven Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Full wall cleaning
  • Shed / Garage Clean out

These can often be a hard task as they can take a while and be a massive stress. However, for a small cost these can be cleaned with out you having to worry meaning a less stressful move.

Additional services you may need:

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