February 24, 2016 FAQ

Most tenants don’t realise this but the carpet in a house is actually your responsibility to insure. Carpets are classed as contents in a building and as a tenant you are responsible to cover the contents including your own possessions. If you get broken into or have a fire you will be covered if your insurance covers that. Also if you have accidental damage it can cover you for wine stains, pet damaged carpet from chewing or urine, or in the case of the image below where baby oil had spilt and delaminated the carpet.And yes it can even cover my old favourite, the iron burn mark. If you haven’t got contents insurance you really need to think about it. When you go to move out and your property manager wants the carpet replaced because of a stain that is locked in or burn mark and even from a pet ‘wizzing’ in one room in particular. You can contact brokers like HIB and get the best deal. Some contents insurance is as low as $5 a week.