Why a Basic Cleaning Package?

March 1, 2015 FAQ

We offer the basic carpet cleaning package because some carpets don’t need a full on alkaline prespray with extraction rinses. Some just need a neutral to alkaline clean with acid rinses. These are only for cleanish carpets where getting the carpets cleaned for an end of lease requirement is needed. This is NOT for dirty carpets and should not be used as a cheap carpet clean. When we carry out our carpet cleaning in Toowoomba we make sure that you are aware of this first on this site, then by the initial phone enquiry and finally by and email when you have booked.

The basic clean dopes not come with a guarantee. Why? because if the soiling is high and the property manager has an issue than the carpet obviously was not cleanish but highly soiled. It is totally up to the client, when booking, to be honest and if not then they will have to cover higher costs associated with fixing the issue.