Why use us for Vinyl Cleaning and Sealing in Toowoomba

At Focused on Cleaning we have the training, skills and experience for all vinyl strip and seals. Most shops and schools here in Toowoomba use us as their preferred service provider when it come to restoring their vinyl floors.

Do you need to seal your vinyl?

Vinyl that is sealed looks better for longer, lasts longer and is protected from wear because of the seal. Sealed floors are also easier to clean and repel dirt and oils more. This cuts down on your cleaning time and also means it looks better every day. Ultimately a good looking sealed floor looks great and reflects the perception that you take pride.

What we do?

  • Inspect the vinyl and make sure it can be sealed. Some floating floors cannot be.
  • Sweep and remove dry particulates.
  • Apply safe striping agent  to remove old seal or apply heavy duty cleaner to prepare and clean an unsealed vinyl floor.
  • Neutralise the floor.
  • Apply 2 layers of sealer which absorb into the vinyl and form a base for the finish.
  • Apply 3 layers of finish for a great result.
  • Apply filtered air movers to dry quicker.
  • OPTIONAL: Polish the floor with a burnisher for that reflective glassy look.

If your home or business needs its vinyl cleaned or sealed please call 46358045 today.

PLEASE NOTE: Vinyl cleaning and sealing is not always available throughout the year and is usually done in our slower months.