Removal of Urine from Carpets

Will carpet cleaning remove the Urine and its Odour?

Ultimately carpet cleaning is to remove oily soils from the carpet pile. If there is any urine or Uric Acid Crystals on it can reactivate the bacteria that produces the smell and cause the smell to be even worse.

Are Urine spots easy to find?

We use a special detectors that beep when we put its special pins into the carpet. We also have ultra violet lights that allow the urine to show up white. This makes for obvious and easy detection.

How is the Urine and Odour removed?

There are many methods we can use and ultimately if the carpet is saturated it is always best to remove rather than restore. The  methods we can use are:

  • Injecting the area with a neutraliser (great for small spots in the centre of the room)
  • Saturate with a neutraliser and extract from large spots with a extraction claw
  • Saturation and replacing affected underlay
  • Remove the carpet, soak, odorise and dry. Remove and replace underlay with new underlay and clean the subfloor and dry with drying equipment.

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