Lounge Cleaning

How did my Lounge get so dirty?

Apart from food and drinks we leave a lot of our body oils on them. These body oils are perfectly natural and doesn’t mean you are dirty. Our bodies produce them to keep our skin from drying out and off course these come of on our fabrics. The trick is to break down these oils. However, most of todays fabrics are Olefilic which means that attract oil and are Hydrophopic which means they hate water. This then makes it hard to clean but if we have the right equipment, cleaning agents and training it makes it a lot easier and we get awesome results.If you are looking for lounge cleaning in Toowoomba you have definitely come to the right place. We are IICRC trained in Cleaning of Fabric and Upholstery and how to identify what fabric is being used.

Why is identifying your fabric important?

Because all fabrics are cleaned differently. Cleaning your lounge the wrong way can cause the fabric to tear, have dye run, shrink, stretch, brown out or worse. We will tell you and show you how we identify the fabric. Remember if someone can’t identify the fabric they may wreck your lounge. Some lounges have down layers over foam which can allow the clean to not be as thorough.

The fabrics that have different cleaning techniques are:

  • Polyester (micro suede)
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Wool
  • Velvet

What is the cleaning process?

The above fabrics all have slightly different needs when clean. For example high alkalines can’t be used on wool, cotton needs a more acidic clean with quick drying and velvet needs to be brushed with a special brush afterwards. However, when cleaning lounges the basic method is the same.

  1. Identify the fabric.
  2. Inspect stains and prior damage.
  3. Apply detergent.
  4. Agitate Detergent in.
  5. Extract with hot water and suction..
  6. Let dry and enjoy your clean lounge! (dry time is approximately 2 hours)

We can treat for urine and also apply protectors to your lounge to aid in the reduction of stains for non polyester lounges. We encourage you to call us today for a free quote and book your clean on 4635 8045. REMEMBER: If you book your carpet steam cleaning or tile and grout cleaning at the same time you receive a discount.