Trauma Scene Cleaning

Death Scenes

When this clean is needed to be carried out we will make a time to inspect that is suitable to you. We are here to do things at your pace your way. This clean is used with Suicide, Homicides or where the deceased has been found days or weeks later. Because these cleans can be costly we also provide a payment plan.

Suicide and Attempted Suicide

Cleaning after suicides or attempted suicides is not exactly something the family wants to do. It adds another horror to the already horrific event. As a community service we provide these services at a discounted rate.

Drug Overdose

Drug overdose cleanups whether the patient has survived or not needs to be treated specifically as though we are dealing with a harmful agent.

Deceased Estates

This clean is usually carried out after a person has passed away and the house and /or contents need to be cleaned or the contents need to be disposed of. We organise skips and removal of carpet to treatment and odour removal of contents.

Crime Scene

When a robbery has happened the police usually attend and take fingerprints. This is a much needed task in any robbery, however, it tends to be numerous and hard to remove. We have specialised cleaning agents made specifically for fingerprint dust.


When carrying out hoarders cleans it must be done with an authority to move and dispose signed. We only handle the emotional/psychological side of De-hoarding when an hourly rate applies. If you require this service there is also an inspection fee.