Tile Cleaning Toowoomba

Focused on Cleaning provides a second to none grout and tile cleaning service to Toowoomba and surrounding districts. We can clean all tiles like ceramic, porcelain, quarry tiles, slate and terracotta.  Toowoomba’s red soil makes grout lines appear very dirty due to its make up. However, with our unique chemistry formulated especially for Toowoomba soils can remove soils so you can have a great looking floor surface.

Having your tile and grout cleaned is great if you:

  • Love your house looking great.
  • Are Selling your home and want the best price.
  • Preparing for a grout colour seal.

Some like to think about replacing their tiles because they look out terrible but once they are cleaned with our thorough cleaning methods their opinion changes.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our grout and tile cleaning service goes far beyond any other with an 8 step process.

  1. Testing the grout for softness and sealers.
  2. Removing dry soils.
  3. Applying an Alkaline cleaning agent to remove soils and food stains.
  4. Remove with 1500 psi hot water.
  5. Applying a Safe Acid to remove old residues of cleaning agents.
  6. Remove with 1500 psi hot water.
  7. Apply a pH neutral cleaner to neutralise any residual alkalines or acids with a mop.
  8. Set up fans if fast drying is needed.

Our cleaning process can tackle the most stained tiles, even those in Highfields where red soil is most prevalent and one of the most notorious for stains. Our safe cleaning solutions means peace of mind for you, your family and pets. Our tile cleaning is second to none here in Toowoomba and we maintain this with regular training to keep up on the latest methods to make sure you get the best tile and grout clean.

Estimations for tile cleaning in Toowoomba can be done over the phone. Find out why we are Toowoomba’s Favourite  when it comes to tile and grout leaning. You also receive a free bottle of neutral tile cleaner.Call us today on 46358045 for a free quote on all your tile cleaning needs and some grout repairs or fill out the form to the right if email is your best form of communicating..