Terms of Service

April 21, 2016 FAQ

Before we arrive

  • Ensure that vehicles are out of the driveway so our technicians can pull up and get started
  • Ensure pets are placed away from the area as doors will be left open
  • Ensure all items are picked up off of the floor
  • Ensure that floors are vacuumed (excluding Deluxe Cleans)
  • Ensure that means of payment are ready on completion

Our Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee when you have not experienced a noticeable difference or improvement in the removal of soil from your carpet.


When booking ensure that you have set the time aside and are suitably organised especially if moving out of a rental property. Ensure that you have budgeted for the service. If you need to cancel please do so within 24 prior to the service as we reserve the right to charge a $55 cancellation fee. In the event that we arrive at your property and you have not contacted us to confirm a cancellation 24 hours prior to the service then we reserve the right to charge a $55 cancellation fee. Why do we charge a cancellation fee? Unfortunately, when you cancel in a short time frame it means we miss out on lost business. Business we could have booked out many times over in the week leading up to your booking. It covers costs associated with the your booking and lost time. If you postpone your clean the cancellation fee may be waived.