Hard Water Removal from Shower Screens

Toowoomba has some of the worst water when it comes to the hard water stains it produces. It only takes a month or 2 and the glass has gone white. Nothing works to remove it. Nothing until NOW.

We have sourced products from all over the world and finally found the perfect product that is safe on the glass and for yourself. Our products are non toxic and safe on the glass meaning no scratches. Our showers screen hard water removal process is second to non and state of the art. No one believes we can do it until they see the finished product.

Why when I can replace my shower screens?

Its not the glass that needs replacing. It just needs restoring. Restoring is like removing rust from an old car. All we need to do is remove the calcium to revive the glass. ┬áTo replace the shower screens on an average 2 screen shower is roughly $900 – $1200 installed. And to restore the glass back to its new like appearance and apply a protector as well is $299 per 2 screen shower. Why would you replace it?

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