Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Toowoomba

What makes rugs different from carpet?

Most rugs are woven and need to be cleaned in a full wash/spa method. This means that we full submerge it to clean out all oily soils and odours. In our process we place the rug upside down and gently beat it with a specialised machine and grid that removes nearly all dirt and dust in the rug. This is important because any organic contaminants can aid in dry rot in the backing as it holds the moisture in. This is why rugs should never be cleaned in the home or with a standard carpet steam cleaner.

Are all rugs cleaned the same way?

No the different rugs that required specailised cleaning are:

  • Silk rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Latex backed rugs
  • Cotton rugs (haitian)

These rugs are cleaned uniquely for instance if it is a Silk rug then we cannot use agitation on it, Wool needs to be dye tested to make sure that dyes do not migrate and bleed, Latex backed rugs cannot have too much water and if they do they need to be dried quickly and cotton rugs must have limited moisture, a non alkaline cleaner and an acidic rinse as well as prompt drying after cleaning. Imagine if a carpet cleaner just walked n and cleaned it on the floor where it lays and didn’t take into account any of the issues these rugs can have. The only real rugs we do in home is the carpet squares that are mats made form off cuts and in some cases machine woven or tufted Polypropylene (also known as Olefin) rugs.

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