Office Cleaning Toowoomba

Focused on Cleaning has been cleaning commercial offices, school and restaurants for the last 10 years. We are Toowoomba’s most preferred office or commercial contract cleaners.

Why are we Toowoomba’s most preferred office cleaners?

  1. Optional scopes of work. We do what you want.
  2. We can do it all from regular cleaning, to carpets to deep cleaning of washrooms and pest control.
  3. Quality Control measures with regular auditing of sites to make sure we discover any issues straight away before they become big problems.
  4. Unfortunately, in an imperfect world things do get missed and that’s why we have a GUARANTEE that if something was missed or not serviced up to scratch we will return within 24 hours to rectify.
  5. We only use quality experienced cleaners not backpackers like the cheaper ones do.
  6. Your cleaner will be the same each time. We give our staff ownership of the contract so if there are any issues fingers don’t get pointed at others.
  7. The key and code is only known by your cleaner and management.
  8. Most of our weekly small business cleans are non contract which means that if your budget constraints change so can we.

Why are we great office cleaners for small to medium sized businesses?

Because we only do weekly or twice weekly cleans. Why is this? So that we can give everyone equal priority. the problem with having daily cleaning schedules is that big contracts can take a lot of energy and smaller weekly ones get lost in the over crowding. We realise this and make sure that our office cleans are all the same and that way we can give you our undivided attention in quoting, servicing and inspections.

How can we make your business run smoother?

  • By providing an office cleaning service that doesn’t get in your road.
  • By having our quality assurance audits mean do don’t have issues to deal with that take up your valuable time.
  • By reducing bacteria and viruses in the workplace that means that you don’t have as many employees off sick. You see we clean the areas where they are high. these include the door handles of all rooms and phone handsets, pc mouse and keyboards.
  • Easy payment systems with mobile EFTPOS systems or Credit Card over the phone as well as traditional methods.

If you would like a free quote and references for cleaning of your business please call us on 4635 8045.

PLEASE NOTE: Office cleaning is not always available throughout the year and is usually done in our slower months.