Mould Cleaning and Removal

Mould Removal

Focused on Cleaning are Toowoomba’s specialist when it comes to cleaning of mould and removing mould spores. Cleaning of mould can be done by anyone as the mould fungus is the ‘plant’. The issue is the spores. If the ‘plant’ still holds spores you are just spreading the ‘seeds’ around and if conditions were right to grow it in the first place it will come back again but more that likely worse because now spores are in areas they weren’t before. You see as soon as you touch the wall it releases spores into the environment. The spores can stay airborne for up to 10 hours meaning they can travel anywhere in your house. Because of this we need to carry out the clean properly and in line with The Australian Standard for Mould Removal S520. Don’t forget our mould and moisture inspections are free so make a time today.

What do we do that general cleaners don’t?

  1. Conduct air quality and surface tape tests to see the count and genus of the mould.
  2. Check for high levels of humidity and moisture in structures.
  3. Analyse whether contents have been affected and formulate a plan to clean or dispose of.
  4. Contain with plastic sheeting if necessary.
  5. Start by setting up massive Air Filter Devices (AFD’s) and negative air systems if needed.
  6. Remove the spores by vacuuming the surfaces with a special HEPA filtered vacuum (normal vacuums only sends the spores into the environment).
  7. Clean mould off of surfaces with a non-bleach mould stain remover.
  8. Apply a micro mist of mould inhibitor to hinder any regrowth of mould.
  9. Retest air and surfaces to confirm mould count has reduced and is at a normal ecology.

Will my house be spore free after this?

Spores are a natural part of life and they are everywhere. Your house will have a level that is low to normal ecology. This means that the inside is like the outside. Once you open the door of a treated house it becomes equalised. The thing is now your house is not producing high levels of spores from mould growing in your house. Remember that most mould that grows in houses are those that produce allergies and in some cases Mycotoxin Poisoning.

What is the difference between Mould Cleaning and Mould Removal?

Mould cleaning is where we remove the fungus and soils it has accumulated to live off as it extracts dust from the air and uses it for structure and a food source. Mould removal is where we actually remove the spores and any mould affected porous structure like plasterboard and remove staining from wood etc.

If you have received a quote from any cleaner relating to mould cleaning and mould removal in Toowoomba make sure they are cleaning to the S520 standard and ask them to produce a current copy. Its hard to follow the standard without having it on hand. We, here at Focused on Cleaning, follow the standard and are always referring to it on each job as each job can be different. Not using a cleaner that follows the standards can create liability. Property managers can be liable for organising someone that doesn’t clean to the standard and a landlord can also be liable, not to mention the cleaner.

What costs am I looking at?

The initial inspection to locate sources and check moisture  $250 inc GST

Air Quality Test inside and out $770 inc GST (min)

Clean per room including Negative Air Contaminants, Air Filtration Devices, Labour, Products etc Approx $550 inc GST per room (based on a standard room with average mould coverage). This does not include removal and disposal of any materials and cleaning of and treating of the frames.

If you require mould removal or cleaning in Toowoomba or surrounding districts please call today on 46358045.