Meth House Cleaning Toowoomba

Once testing has been carried out the next step is formulating a plan to decontaminate the meth contaminated house. This is not as easy wiping down walls and relies on specific chemistry to draw the contamination from the walls and ceilings. All porous fixtures and contents need to be removed from the property and properly disposed of in accordance with the EPA. There are many steps involved and the cleaning products are created specifically to remove the contaminants and the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines must be followed even if the property has only had users in it as anything over (0.5μg/100cm²) is too high for it to be lived in. 80% of meth clean ups are from users not just labs. Properties that have regular meth use can read as high as meth labs and it only takes use of meth in a room twice to bring it up to unacceptable levels.

Our Service

At Focused on Cleaning We are fully trained and experienced in decontamination. Specific chemistry and equipment must be used. These chemicals and equipment are not cheap and cannot be purchased by service providers without adequate training. Our service include arranging trades and waste disposal as all electrical components including light fittings, air conditioners, stoves, light switches etc. These must then be double wrapped and disposed of in deep fill. Carpets, floating floors and curtains are also disposed of. Joinery that has raw elements exposed are also disposed of.

Rental Properties

Landlords and Property Managers should ensure that their properties have landlords insurance (not just home insurance) to ensure that you have adequate cover. We recommend Llewellyn Insurance Services as they have specific policies to cover these sorts of issues. Please note that once the contamination has been found there is an duty of care for all parties involved to ensure that the decontamination of the property is carried out as it is deemed a public health risk under the Public Health Act 2005. You cannot allow a tenant to reside in an unsafe environment.

Property Buyers

Although buying a property that has been used for a meth lab or by meth users can be a daunting thought it can also be something to take into account when negotiating. We can provide a cost of decontaminating which can then be taken off of the purchase price allowing you to purchase a property that has then been made safe to live in. In these scenarios we will have both parties receive a quote for the decontamination and then on settlement the seller receives an invoice which is then paid to us. We then start work on the decontamination. We do this as to make sure that the decontamination quote isn’t used to reduce the purchase price and then the works aren’t carried out.

To enquire or arrange a quote on a property please call 46358045 .