Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning or Encapsulation is great for those that want a quick refresh or as a maintenance clean in between steam cleans. This cleaning system is what we use on all commercial jobs so it is indeed a great system. We use it mainly because it can dry within about an a hour or half an hour if there are fans.

Is this carpet dry cleaning?

Definitely not. Dry cleaning uses solvents to clean oils from the carpet and spreads the dirt around with a soft pad. The pad is meant to soak some of the dirt in but the pad can only hold so much. Dry cleaning is not instantly dry either. Carpet dry cleaning is not the preferred method of cleaning by most manufacturers. Dry cleaning can actually void your warranty so it is best to be done on carpets that are out of there warranty of in reasonable condition. Encapsulation is a better clean than dry cleaning and is best for commercial, lightly soiled or in between steam cleans. However, we have had great success with filthy carpet so we are confident in all situations and with all types of carpet.

Our system removes the dirt and encapsulates the dirt that has been released inside a case. This means it cant re attach to the fibre. The bonus of this is that, even though the carpets look clean they will get even cleaner as you vacuum unlike standard Carpet Dry Cleaning.

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