How long should carpets take to dry?

August 6, 2014 FAQ

We had a client say she wanted her carpets cleaned on a Friday afternoon as she hoped that when she came back from going away it would be dry. We were in shock. She revealed that she had been using a local carpet cleaner for years and the carpet cleaner has been around for many years. However, it seems that their methods and equipment may be the original ones they started with. You see carpet steam cleaning should dry within 8 hours, even if using a portable machine. Why? Because the amount of water output needs to be relevant to the input. In other words if you don’t have the suction to pick up 300 psi you need to put down a less amount of water. That is why truckmount cleaning is preferred as more water can be put in to suspend dirt and extract, So how do you avoid getting a soaked carpet?

  • Ask friends that have used them.
  • Look at testimonials reflecting quick dry times
  • Ask to see their equipment. If it is old and had it looking, chances are it won’t do the job many others can.