If you have experienced a burst flexi hose, pipe, inundation from a storm or have just left the window open during some gusty rain then call us straight away. The longer you wait the more the damage can be. During none storm seasons we carry out free moisture inspections so that you can see the extent of the damage as they are usually bigger than the area you can see. We use Thermal Cameras to check walls and moisture detectors to find where the water has traveled. Call us today on our emergency number below for prompt action. If the call is not answered please keep trying and leave a message. Our On-Call staff always have their phones on them but they may be on another call at the time you call. This is for water Damage in Toowoomba and other areas like Dalby, Warwick, Roma, Gatton, Crows Nest, Millmeran, Goondiwindi and St George.

 EMERGENCY  0421 517 466

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