August 27, 2016 FAQ

We deal with water damage of some description every day. From a burst pipe to a broken fish tank. Each is different and needs to be dealt with in different ways. However, a lot of peoples stress is AM I COVERED IF I CAUSED IT? Well its called accidental damage insurance. Whether its an overflowed sink or bathtub or an overflowed washing machine. Most homeowners have home and contents. Why do you need contents? Because carpet is the moan content. But that’s a part of the house I hear you say. No. Its contents. This is why it important to make sure that your contents insurance covers bot only beds, TV’s etc but also your carpet.

If you are renting it pays to have the carpets covered as well as these are under contents. The landlord can put them under theirs if they decide but they may not want to. If they do, you will be up for the excess. this can be as high as $1200 in some cases where we have attended. Why? Like all insurance. You can keep the premiums low and have a high excess or have high premiums and keep the excess low. In a lot of cases we can do a small water damage job for less than the excess and restore the carpets back to they way they were if we get to it quick enough. Keep this in mind if you are renting and have a small accident. If you have a burst hose under the sink or in the wall or even from storm damage this needs to be reported straight away as this will come under the landlords insurance.