Carpet Repairs

Focused on Cleaning can repair all sorts of damage with your carpet. This is great for renting when you can repair a piece of carpet like a cigarette mark or iron burn.

What kind of problems can we fix?

  • Cigarette Burns
  • Iron Marks
  • Unremovable stains
  • Missing rows
  • Patches where the dog or cat have destroyed parts
  • Carpet Moth or Carpet Beetle Damage
  • Bleach marks (these can be redyed in some carpet)
  • Regluing delaminated carpet
  • Re stretching loose carpet
  • We also do carpet removal and of course laying of new carpet as well (we can also quote on new carpet at wholesale prices).

It always helps if you have spare carpet. This is mostly found in built in cupboards.

If you have asome damage in your carpet it is best to leave this until the first inspection after moving out. This can often save you money as the property manager can sometimes decide that the problem is a part of normal wear and tear which means you may not be out of pocket. However, if the carpet area that needs repairing is major call us first. We will also let you know what is the best way to proceed as sometimes if there are a lot of repairs in one room it may be necessary to replace. Send us a text on the mobile number below to get a free assessment.

We carry out many carpet repairs a week and are the most preferred company for when it comes to carpet repairs with most Real Estates property managers. Call today and find out why Focused on Cleaning are Toowoomba best carpet repairers on 46358045.

If you have a damaged area of carpet please feel free to SMS an image to 0421517466 for a free quote.