Carpet Steam Cleaning

What is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet Steam Cleaning is Hot Water Extraction. Steam Cleaning is the name given because the water should be so hot that steam should come off of it.

What are the benefits of Focused on Cleaning’s Carpet Steam Cleaning?

  • Hygiene. Our water hits the carpet at nearly 100 degrees Celsius which is enough to kill most germs
  • The temperature is enough to kill most dust mites and fleas or flea eggs.
  • Quick dry times as residual moisture starts evaporating straight away due to it being so hot.
  • It won’t damage your carpet as the approx temperature of 160 degrees is needed to even start damage with the most susceptible carpet.
  • We use an acid based rinse which has the same acidity as vinegar which neutralises any residual detergent. If you have ever had carpets that look dirty a week later it is because the previous carpet cleaner has not used a neutralising rinse only straight water.

Are you moving out of a Rental Property?

Most rental or property agencies will need to see a receipt from a professional carpet cleaner and most of the time they will ask for it to be steam cleaned. Why? because this type of cleaning is the only kind that will kill germs thoroughly and remove those germs. Dry cleaning, which we also do uses an encapsulation method and is only really useful for interim cleaning and cleaning of properties where the soiling is not very high. Focused on Cleaning is a professional IICRC certified firm if you are looking for carpet cleaners Toowoomba. If you are looking for a flea treatment to go with your carpet clean we can also help with our professional pest control service.