Carpet Cleaning

Why should you use Focused on Cleaning for your Carpet Cleaning Toowoomba?

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • High Quality Carpet Cleaning in Toowoomba
  • Very Quick Dry Times
  • Prompt and Reliable
  • Cleaning Packages to suit all budgets
  • IICRC Trained Technicians as we are a IICRC Certified Firm
  • Local Family Owned Business
  • Truckmounted Steam Cleaning Machines
  • Unbeatable Customer Service
  • The ability to relay and repair problem carpets

Yes we service Highfields, Withcott, Oakey, Cambooya, Gatton, Dalby & Warwick. A travel fee or minimum booking amount may apply to some areas.

Urine Removal

If you have issues with urine from pets or toilet training kids we can do a Urine Neutralising Treatment. Please ask for this when booking if you are aware of any areas needing it. Find out ore info about Urine Removal.

Quick Dry Time

Due to our high heat and huge amounts of suction (approx. 317cfm) we can leave your carpets damp meaning they will be totally dry anywhere between 1-4 hours. If the weather is foggy  this can take longer as the humidity in the air regulates the dry tim. If dry time is an issue on a wet weather day we can organise air movers to be left on site to reach dry times within 1-4 hours.

How to choose your carpet cleaner?

Most carpet cleaners in Toowoomba come recommended by a friend or family and that pretty much speaks for itself. But if you are looking around and want to compare us with other carpet cleaners, check to see if they:

  • Use a truck mounted machine.
  • Have trained technicians (ask to see certification from IICRC or The Clean Trust).
  • Use hot water (this should be hot to touch).
  • Have intense suction.
  • Use scrubbers to agitate highly soiled areas if necessary.
  • Use a neutralizer in their rinse water (this stops the carpets getting dirty quicker)
  • Reset the pile on your plush carpet (they should also know what carpet you have and how they know).
  • Can repair and issues you have with your carpets currently like re dying or stretching old carpet .
  • Offer a Guarantee.
  • Check out our Equipment and watch us work our Magic

What do I have to do?

If you have booked a basic or standard carpet clean you will need to vacuum before we arrive. Please also make sure that the driveaway is clear of cars so that our vehicles can get as close to the front door as possible. Our vans contain truckmount carpet cleaning machines. Please ensure that the person paying for the service is on site as payment is required on completion. Also if you have issues with stains ask our technician about our discounted stain remove that is great for removing stains as they happen.

CALL 46358045 to make a booking.

REMEMBER: Book your tile and grout clean or lounge clean at the same time and receive a discount. Remember the more you book the cheaper it is.




How we check for Urine in the carpet and underlay

Carpet Steam Cleaning using a Truckmount