March 6, 2016 FAQ

I had a call from a customer the other day to book in a carpet steam clean of her 4 rooms. She had her carpets cleaned for 5 years in a row with us and last year she called to book it in again. After getting the price she decided we were too expensive. She said she had a much cheaper quote (nearly half the price) and would go with them. We thanked her for calling us and although we were disappointed to lose her business we wished her the best.

12 months later we received a call from her asking for a price on the 4 rooms. Our prices had increased a little and without any hesitation she booked the carpets to be cleaned. Out of curiosity I asked her how she found the other company. She paused and said,” I knew you would ask me that. I love my house and my carpet is very dear to me as it is 100% Wool. I went through a marriage break up last year and did not have the funds at the time to have you clean my carpets. I was certain that all carpet cleaning companies were the same and you were out to rip me off because I didn’t know any better. I was wrong. The person that turned up from the other company had a machine that I could have hired from the local grocery store. The man and his wife (both wearing thongs on their feet) looked like they were dressed to clean my yard and they took 2 hours to clean the carpet in the 4 rooms. I felt like I couldn’t get rid of them.” By this point she sounded distressed and angry and it even sounded like she was angry at me for letting her use them and not putting up a bit of a fight to keep her. “And my beautiful carpet,” she continued,”Its ruined. It has gone a yellowish sort of colour and it took so long to dry.” “So did it take about a day,” I asked. thinking that was a long time. “More like 3 days,” she replied. The lady went on to ask if we could remove the yellow which we couldn’t because it was the release of the sulfur in the wool used by the wrong pH detergent. We booked her carpets in and she is happy again; except for the sulfur stains.

When you think of your carpet being cleaned by someone and you only look at the price then you miss the VALUE. In this ladies case the carpet cleaners, lacked knowledge about her carpet and chemistry. They used a machine that would produce maximum profits for them and reduce quality for the client. They did not value their own time as they would have been working for wages pretty much and therefore did not value the customers time.

In our business the more efficient we can be the better. However, not at the cost of quality. Our costs are higher because our overheads are higher, but with out these overheads we can’t supply you with a quality clean, Our costs, just to name a few include:

  • The latest Professional truckmounted steam cleaning machines that reach up to 100 degrees as this cleans the best. these run on petrol and not your electrcity. They also mean that the job can be carried out efficiently as carpets can look 10 times as good as it did with one stroke instead of 4 or 5 which can over wet your carpet.
  • Professionally trained staff because these also clean the best. Knowledge is power and knowing what the fibre of your carpet is helps us to a) remove more dirt and b) not harm your fibre. Training costs money and is ongoing. We are IICRC certified and do all of our training through them. Carpet cleaners are not regulated any one can buy a dodgy machine and work out of the boot of their car and call themselves a carpet cleaner.
  • Great admin staff to make your booking simple and to make sure that we turn up on the day.
  • Great vehicles that we maintain to look great as we are a guest in your home. These are always the latest models so that we can be as reliable as possible and not have any breakdowns.
  • We also have a 220 square metre shed to house our offices, vehicles and over 300 items of cleaning and restoration equipment so we can be ready to go when you need us.

So next time you get a quote for anything like a a pest treatment, car service, plumber or electrician ask them why are more and see what the difference is.